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Head of Institution's Welcome,

Education is about far more than what happens within the four walls of the classroom and we are very fortunate to have such teachers, trainers and instructors who recognise this. If this building and teachers are the two resources available to the school, then certainly, we the students are the third. Really, one of the joys of teaching is to draw that creative, academic, sporting potential out of their students.

Our school believes that they are not just looking for Academic Qualifications but also for personal qualities like Leadership & teamwork, Determination & Flexibility, Confidence & Self -Belief, Respect & Consideration etc.

I on the behalf of the school and behalf of myself feel delighted to see the hard-work done by the students of 9th &10th standards even more than we used to do and our fingers crossed for them as they await their results to be declared tonight. I would also give a great deal of credit to all of the students who worked hard and could hit their targets.

The duty which I am bestowed today is to welcome everyone to this grand celebration of encouraging students. So, Firstly, I would like to welcome our Hon’ble Principal Ma’am, the life blood of our school who sleeps less and works more in planning about the betterment of the school and students. We welcome you in the most humble & prestigious programme. It is a special pleasure to heartily welcome all the dearest parents who have constantly extended their love & support to all the high prospects of our institution.

I am glad to respectfully & cordially welcome the Chief Guest of the evening, who does not need any formal introduction as almost all of us gathered here are aware of his deeds done for the development and improvement in the city’s infrastructure and the environment. He is the person who has ensured the safety of girls and ladies at prior along with his social services done for the poor and needy people by providing them with shelters. He is none other than Mr. DM, the District Magistrate of the city.

So, with a huge round of applause, May I please call upon Mr. DM on the stage so as to get an opportunity for all of us to listen to such a great personality.

Thank You.


Sk Abdui Odud
​Head of School

Our Philosophy
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Our philosophy is make our students best in all the possible way. We support our students at sports, islamik culture, general studies, and become a good character for his/her next social life and also personal life. 

Our History
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We started this institution at 2013 with few no of students. And now we 300 girls and boys students in our institution. We are growing as fast as possible.
There are two batches who had been passed out secondary from our institution.

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